Seceurovison 38 Punched Security Shutter

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Seceurovision 38 Security Shutters feature a stylish punched lath design to ensure they blend in with a range of installation locations. Manufactured in the UK by SWS the shutter is constructed using high quality extruded aluminium components that can deliver up to 45% vision through the curtain.

Designed for high security domestic installations or medium security business and commercial applications Seceurovision 38 features a double skin extruded aluminium curtain and reinforced bottom slat to improve rigidity and reduce deflection in the lath making it ideal for any opening size up to 4000mm (electric) and 3000mm (manual). Alternatively where a lower level of security is required the bottom slat can be fitted with a rubber seal as a no cost option.


Seceurovision 38 Security Roller Shutter Specification


Methods of Operation

  • Manual – Spring assisted
  • Electric – Internal rocker switch, key switch or remote control

Please be aware that if an electric shutter is the preferred option a manual override and anti drop brake may also be required.



To ensure the curtain remains within the guide sections of the shutter the Seceurovision 38 uses H30 guide rails as standard. These are 60mm wide x 24mm deep and feature brush strips to ensure smooth and quiet operation. As an optional upgrade the shutter can also be specified with wider H40/S guides that are 70mm wide x 27mm deep. Guides are supplied as standard in white, black or brown or can be colour matched to the curtain if selecting a RAL colour.



The Seceurovision 38 security roller shutter is constructed using high quality rust resistant aluminium slats that interlock with each other to form a continuous curtain. You can choose between the following styles

  • Punched
  • Punched with glazing strips
  • Perforated



  • Approximately 6.5kg per m2 (without glazing) and 8kg per m2 (with glazing)


Standard Colours

  • White
  • Black
  • Brown


Shutter Box

Designed to fit into limited amounts of headroom the Seceurovision 38 features a small and compact roller mechanism and endplates. These range in size from 165mm – 250mm and will vary depending on the height of the opening.

Supplied with a 2 piece aluminium box as standard in white, black or brown or can be matched to the curtain colour if selecting a RAL paint finish.


Seceurovision 38 Sizes

  • Maximum Width: 4000mm (electric) & 3000mm (manual)
  • Maximum Height: 5000mm (electric) & 2800mm (manual)

Please note that not all width and height combinations are available. The maximum area of the curtain cannot exceed 12m2.




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