Selecting The Correct Roller Shutters


Where there is a requirement to improve the level of security to a specific space within a building or the complete property itself, it is essential that the correct physical security solution is selected so that it proves effective when under attack.

So regardless of whether your need a simple hand operated shutter for a serving hatch through to a large insulated industrial roller door, please read the following information that is designed to demonstrate the key differences between the designs available thus helping you to make the right choice.


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Design - Regardless of their size, design or method of operation all roller doors are designed in the same general manner. This is because the vertical operation of the curtain allows the material to coil around a barrel or drum wheel as it rises. This simple design allows for large and small openings to be secured without excessive space requirements associated with other physical security products such as swinging steel security doors.


Variations - When looking to order new shutters, please be aware that some designs are better suited to a given applications than others so pay special attention to this when making a decision. To make this easier we have detailed the main differences below




Where there is a requirement for energy efficiency combined with security, insulated roller shutters are the ideal solution. Available in a choice of insulation levels, the dense foam filled core within the aluminium profile will provide a strong and durable barrier that will keep the heat inside a building during the cold winters and the heat out during the hotter summers.


seceuroglide-insulated-roller-shutters  sws-insulated-roller-shutter-door


Available in manual and electric variations in a wide range of colours, the compact design means they do not over impose on the architectural style of the building making them equally suited to residential, commercial and retail environments.




Identical in appearance to the insulated variations, an extruded aluminium roller shutter door will offer higher levels of security due to a thicker gauge door curtain being installed but will provide no insulation value whatsoever. Suitable for use over windows, doors and any other access point that requires the provision of a physical security barrier to keep the inside space secure. 


seceuroshield-extruded-aluminium-security-shutters  sws-seceuroshield-aluminium-roller-shutter-doors




This design has small sections cut out of each lath to allow vision and light. Normally constructed from extruded aluminium, punched lath shutters are perfect for securing shop fronts, window displays and storage areas that require ventilation. 


seceurovision-900-punched-roller-shutter  seceurovision-punched-lath-shop-front-shutter




Rather than having cut out sections, a perforated roller door features lots of small holes within the lath and as such offers higher levels of security than a punched design. Ideal for windows and doorways, most perforated designs are constructed from galvanised steel and as a result tend to be used for more commercial and industrial applications.




Common Installation Methods

Face Fixed

Face Fixed Roller Shutter


Reveal Fixed

Reveal fixed shutter


Regardless of the type of roller shutter required, there is sure to be a suitable product when you buy online from Roller Doors Ltd. Please feel free to browse our  full range of shutters suitable for domestic applications on our comprehensive website where you will find a shutter to meet any specific requirements. Alternatively, if you cannot find the exact product you desire, please feel free to contact us on 0844 804 557 and we will do our very best to source it for you.