Security Shutters & Grilles


Suitable for numerous applications, our range of security shutters and grilles are manufactured in the UK to ensure they are of the highest quality in a specification to suit your requirements. With a multitude of security levels achievable from low risk cabinet applications through to high level “secured by design” specifications we are guaranteed to have the right product to meet your needs at a discount price.

So if you are looking to improve security to any residential, commercial or retail premises using a shutter or grill then contact us today to obtain a quote.



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Security Roller Shutters for Doorways and Windows

Capable of being fitted to the exterior face of any building, the primary role of a shutter for doors and windows is to provide protection against vandalism and crime. In addition to this some designs also feature a foam filled core that helps to regulate the temperature inside the room.




Internal Security

Where stock needs to be protected from theft or where there is a need to provide a space saving security solution for closing off storage areas the addition of an internal shutter is the ideal option. Manufactured using a variety of galvanised steel and aluminium components there are numerous options to choose from including manual or electric operation depending upon your preferred method of operation.


Bar Shutters     Click here to view our punched lath security shutters


Fire Protection

In areas where there is a need to prevent the spread of flames (such as kitchens or canteens) the addition of a fire rated roller shutter will ensure you comply with the required fire safety legislation that you may have to adhere to. With 1 hour and 4 hour rated options being available that can interlink to any existing fire alarm system, we are sure to be able to cater for your requirements if these are required.

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