Shop Front & Commercial Security Shutters


Here at Roller Shutter Doors Online we have a wide selection of physical security solutions such as retractable grilles, roller doors and security shutters specifically designed to withstand the demands of shops and commercial premises.




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Varying Levels of Security

Depending on individual requirements, we are able to provide solutions for low risk areas through to high risk areas that require an insurance approved solution. With a variety of curtain specifications to select from different looks can be achieved.

Punched Roller Grilles – This style of shutter will provide a low to medium level of security. Best suited to being fitted inside the window, the punched section allow light and vision so that customers can see displays regardless of the shop being open or closed.

Solid Shutters – Offering the highest level of security, our range of solid lath shutters include extruded aluminiuminsulated aluminium and galvanised steel designs. Whilst they provide ample protection against intruder penetration, they do not provide through vision so window displays are not visible out of hours.


Numerous Colour Finishes Available

Where the main requirement is to provide security and aesthetics is not important then our range of commercial galvanised roller shutter doors will be ideal. Constructed from heavy duty lath, guides and roller mechanism, these products will protect any space from criminals and trespassers at an extremely competitive price.


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For more prestigious locations or where the aesthetics of the shutter will form an integral part of the front elevation of the building many of our extruded aluminium and insulated designs can be supplied in numerous stock colours to ensure a close match to existing colour schemes and corporate branding.



In addition to this, if we don’t have a stock colour, many of the products on offer can be supplied in any RAL or BS colour.


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