Bar, Serving Hatch & Kiosk Security Shutters


Manufactured to a high standard by leading UK companies, our comprehensive selection of security roller shutters are perfect for barskiosks and reception areas. So regardless of whether you require a shutter to prevent stock loss and theft or simply to restrict access to a specific space, here at Roller Doors Ltd we believe we will always have the right solution available at an affordable price.




Levels of Protection

Bar and kiosk shutters are normally designed to be mounted within a building therefore are generally classed as low risk areas. Due to this and to help keep costs down, they are often not as robust and strong as security shutters designed primarily for external security.


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Selecting the Style

Many of our bar and kiosk shutters are available with the option of a solid, perforated or punched lath profile. The solid profile is designed to completely block off the area whereas the others are designed to allow light, vision and ventilation through the curtain. In addition to being suited to bars and kiosks, the physical security products available within this range are also compatible for use on serving hatches, shops, counters, display areas or any other similar environment.

If you are unsure of your requirements you can find out more information on selecting the right model using our guide on selecting the correct roller shutters.





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Minimal Space Requirements

One of the main benefits of installing a rolling shutter over other forms of security products is the fact they take up minimal room in terms of installation and operational requirements. Consisting of 2 vertical guide rails and a small shutter hood (usually between 150mm – 205mm), large openings can be spanned with ease making them perfect for the commercial and hospitality environment.



To learn more about the installation possibiities of this style of shutter please click here.



Which Models are Suitable?

Within our range of security shutters that are suitable for the above mentioned environments we have numerous models available to choose from. For example, if the requirement is for a simple foam filled aluminium design then models such as the SeceuroShield 150 or the Birkdale 39mm designs would be ideal. Both these options feature a solid curtain, are available in manual and electric operation and can be supplied in a range of colours to ensure the perfect match to its surroundings.

Where higher levels of security are required, we recommend some of our extruded aluminium shutters such as the Seceuroshield 38SeceuroShield 3801 (insurance approved) and the ever popular SeceuroVision 9000.

Regardless of the model you choose, all the designs feature compact lath profiles, shutter hoods and guide channels to enable the maximum space to be used both on the inside and outside of the door.e spanned with ease making them perfect for the commercial and hospitality environment.


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Type of Operation

Within our vast range of security roller shutters we have numerous options available to choose from. Within the manually operated range we have spring assisted, road and crank operated or cord operated designs.




Where automation is required our range of electric shutters feature a powerful and reliable tubular motor that will open and close the curtain once connected to the control option of your choice (popular options include key switches, rocker switches and remote control).



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