Commercial & Industrial Security


Providing security to any industrial or commercial premises should be of paramount importance to any business. With thousands of pounds of stock and equipment housed inside they can be vulnerable to criminals if not properly protected.

For this reason we supply a range of roller doors that are suitable for securing these spaces including galvanised steel, extruded aluminium and insulated designs. With all products manufactured in the UK to industry leading standards, we can match the design of the door to meet individual user requirements whilst retaining a competitive price.


Insulated Industrial Doors

Designed to offer security and thermal performance, these types of roller shutters are very robust and will easily stand up to any residential or commercial environment. Depending on the size required, they can be manufactured in steel or aluminium, are available in a range of colour finishes and can be specified in manual or electric operation. 


S77 Industrial Insulated Roller Shutter Doors





Fire Resistant Roller Shutters

Where the building has a requirement for fire protection, our range of fire rated shutters will not only serve as an effective security barrier but will also prevent the spread of flames throughout the building in the event of a fire.

Manufactured from galvanised steel, the doors are available with a variety of ratings from 1-4hours and will be supplied with a relay to enable the unit to be linked to the fire alarm.



Galvanised Roller Shutters

For a no nonsense approach to security a galvanised roller door will prove ideal. Suitable for doorway and window applications the high strength interlocking design will resist attack whilst the simple manual or electric operation will ensure they are easy to use on a regular basis.



Reasons to Choose an Industrial or Commercial Roller Shutter Door

  • Offers high levels of security thus keeping your valuable business assets safe.
  • Simple to operate via chain hoist or push button.
  • Compact designs enable the maximum use of space inside the building.
  • Can be supplied with an insulated core to help prevent heat loss thus reducing utility bills.
  • Available in a wide range of finishes to perfectly match any existing facades.