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Designed to provide years of security and protection to your car and belongings our range of modern garage doors are available to order in many sizes, designs, colours and methods of operation. As a result of this large selection of styles collated from the leading UK manufacturers, we are able to cater for nearly all residential requirements.

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Up & Over Garage Doors

This is the most traditional form of door and is probably fitted to the majority of garages within the UK as it is by far the cheapest of all the styles. Modern designs will be available to order in a choice of lifting gear depending on specific requirements.


Woodrite Up & Over Garage Doors


Canopy Gear

As the name suggests, a door fitted with canopy lifting gear will leave the bottom portion protruding outside the garage when fully open hence the name “canopy”. Simple to operate, they run up and down the guide channels using rollers which guide the panel smoothly.

Whilst the main benefit of this mechanism is that the price remains low however the major drawback is that they are only really useful on single doors and are not suitable for automation without the use of an appropriate bow arm convertor.


Retractable Gear

Unlike the above mentioned design that protrudes outside the garage even when full open, an up and over door fitted with retractable lifting gear will go all the way back inside the building when fully open.

Whilst this design is far easier to automate, the drawback is the cost is higher and horizontal tracks are required inside the garage to support the weight of the door when full open.



Side Hinged Garage Doors

Whilst not the most popular of all designs, a pair of side hinged garage doors can add a traditional appearance to any setting and are surprisingly user friendly. With minimal moving parts, each door leaf simply swings open on hinges meaning they require little maintenance and allow for good access inside.

The down side is that because they swing outwards, it can cause parking issues on the driveway however this can be overcome if only pedestrian access is required as each door works independently from the other.



Sectional Garage Doors

Increasing in popularity, a sectional garage door will provide many valuable benefits to the homeowner when compared to the other designs.

Manufactured in a choice of insulated and single skin designs, this style of garage door is made up of a number of hinged panels connected to a steel tracking system which enables it to retract back inside the garage when fully open and sit in the horizontal position in the roof space of the building.

Thanks to this ingenious design it is possible to park vehicles right up to the door without the risk of not being able to gain access inside making them perfect for the modern home that has limited space on the driveway or where the garage opens directly onto the street.

Available to order in bespoke sizes, our range of sectional garage doors can be specified in a choice of manual and electric operation depending on user requirements and available budget. In addition to your choice of operation many other options are available to select from including numerous colours finishes, a wide range of designs along with a selection of window options if you need to allow light to enter the internal space.



Garage Roller Doors

Suitable for virtually any residential environment, our range of garage roller doors by leading manufacturers such aGliderol and SeceuroGlide are second to none in terms of quality, strength and durability. Available to order in bespoke sizes up to 5400mm, each door will be made to your exact requirements ensuring the perfect fit to your garage so are well worth considering fitting to your home.


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