Fire Rated Shutters & Flame Curtains


In situations where the building has a requirement to prevent the spread of flames and smoke, our range of fire rated roller shutters doors are ideal. Serving as a barrier to prevent the free movement of fire, this range of products have undergone rigorous testing ensure they comply with the correct legislation giving you the peace of mind they will provide the required level of protection to any given space.

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Interlinked Shutter Designs

During the onset of fire, it is essential that the shutter is capable of closing automatically to protect lives and property. As such below are the 2 most popular methods of ensuring automatic operation.

Fire Alarm Relay – This system works by interlinking the shutter to the existing fire alarm system so that when the alarm is triggered the shutter automatically closes.

Fusible Link – Designed to trigger the shutter automatically once a pre determined temperature has been exceeded, this system is perfect for local fire detection.





Why Select a Fire Rated Shutter?

In certain installations the requirement to provide protection against fire can be part of the building regulations. In others this can be dictated by the local fire authority. In either case, it is an essential part of a building`s design that the occupants are able to remain inside the building in a safe environment until the fire service arrives.




Whilst this is easily achieved in terms of protecting walls, ceilings and floors (by adding fire proof plasterboard etc) this still leaves structural openings and pedestrian areas vulnerable to the spread of flames.


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What Options are Available?

Here at Roller Shutter Doors Online, we have a wide range of solutions capable of meeting the demands of fire protection. With a variety of designs available to select from including solid fire shutters such as the SG75FS or the SeceuroFlame that not only protect against flames but also double up as an effective security solution through to modern flame curtains such as the SeceuroFlame you can guarantee we will have the right solution to meet your requirements at an affordable price.


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