Security Window & Door Shutters


Our range of UK manufactured roller shutters are perfect for securing vulnerable windows and doorways and as a result can provide tremendous peace of mind that the internal contents of the property will remain safe from the hands of criminals.

Suitable for any environment, our security window shutters and roller doors can be ordered in numerous specifications to suit specific requirements so please contact us today to discuss your intended application and we will be able to select the most appropriate design.


Insulated Roller Shutters - Electric Opening   Security Window Shutters


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Security Window Shutters

Featuring a compact roller mechanism and slim guides, a shutter designed to protect a window will be discreet yet effective making them ideal for most residential properties. Available in a choice of thermally efficient insulated designs such as the SeceuroShield 150 or stronger extruded aluminium models such as the SeceuroShield 38, they are simple to install, require minimal maintenance and will prove a worthwhile security investment that will provide reliable operation at all times.

In addition to the security aspect, a window shutter is also ideal for helping to reduce heat loss from within a building and can also act as an effective solar shading solution making them a useful addition to any bright living room, classroom or office space.


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Continental Roller Shutters - Technical Information

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Roller Doors

Compatible with residential, commercial and retail environments (or any other setting such as schools, colleges, village halls, shops, golf clubs, offices) our range of high strength roller doors will ensure that the main entrances of the property are well secured against intruder penetration. Manufactured from high grade aluminium or galvanised steel, these security doors are designed to provide performance at an affordable price.  

Available to order in manual and electric operation the versatile design will enable installation in a number of manners thus ensuring the best fit to the required application.


SeceuroShield 3801 Insurance Approved Security Shutter   SG44 Extruded Aluminium Roller Shutter   SeceuroShield by SWS