Manufactured by SWS UK, the SeceuroShield range of physical security shutters have been designed to ensure an aesthetically pleasing solution to the increasing need for building owners to provide protection against theft, burglary and vandalism. With the largest selection of physical security products available within the industry SWS are a name you can rely on for quality, strength and reliability.





Ensuring a property is well secured provides peace of mind and reassurance that your home or business is well protected. With many options to choose from to achieve this, the task can often seem a little daunting for the uninitiated. However with the SeceuroShield range of products it is possible to clearly define the suitability of each shutter therefore enabling you to find the right solution to meet your requirements. In fact with options such as face fixed, reveal fixed  or built in solutions being available in a choice of solid or vision profiles there is a product to accommodate any location on even the most limited of budgets.


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A Name you can Trust

In order to comply with the latest legislation all SeceuroShield physical security shutters are CE marked to provide peace of mind the item is safe to use. For further reassurance SWS UK are an ISO9001:2000 assessed business.



Manufactured in the UK

Constructed from high quality components, all SeceuroShield roller shutters are manufactured at its state of the art production facility in the UK.




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Engineering at is Best

Manufactured in the UK since 1983 the SeceuroShield range has seen continuous development to hone and tailor the security products to the standard they are made today. With advanced specifications using high quality components and materials a shutter from this range is built to last. 





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