Made to Measure Sizes

Made to Measure Sizes


Unlike many forms of security products that are only available in a limited number of sizes, all the products we have for sale within this website can be manufactured in made to measure sizes to ensure the correct fit to your required application.


Why is the right size essential?

There are numerous reason why specifying the correct size security shutters, roller grilles and garage doors is important. Here we look at the main 2 reasons.


Proper Fit  

Despite the fact that most of our designs are extremely versatile in the application they are suitable for it is pointless investing in a security product if it does not fit properly. For example, if you need an insulated roller garage door that is designed to prevent heat being lost from the building then it is important that a snug fit is achieved. With a made to measure size this is easy however when only standard options are available this can leave the opening needing infill panels and timber frames to make it work which can often result in unsightly results.


Ease of Installation

When ordering a new physical security product the more accurate the measurements that you provide the easier the installation will be. This is especially important when fitting any roller shutters between the opening as any deviation in width or height can result in the product being too large to fit into the gap. Additionally, the more accurate the measurements the less there will be a need to add any infill panels at a later date to hide any shortcomings in size.


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Roller shutter in self storage units


What options are available?

This will vary according to design, method of operation and type of application the product is to be used for. With security roller shutters available in made to measure widths from 500mm up to 7000mm we are guaranteed to have the right size to suit virtually all residential, commercial and industrial environments.

To take advantage of our great deals on roller shutters, garage doors and retractable grilles please contact us today with your requirements and we will provide you with an accurate quote.