Safety Advice for Electric Garage Doors

Automatic garage door fitted to residential property


The addition of an automatic garage door can be a godsend for people that use the space on a regular basis or if you prefer to keep your car parked inside the garage overnight. At the touch of a button, the door rises enabling you to stay dry, safe and warm until you enter the secure space of your garage.

However, as probably the largest and certainly heaviest moving object within your home, it is essential that the door has the required safety features in place so as to avoid an accident or injury occurring should someone come into contact with it.

For many years, this entailed having a set of photocells acting as the only means of stopping the door. This kind of system works by sending a beam out across the opening that once broken will stop the movement of the curtain. The problem with this is that because only a single point is monitored, it leaves the rest of the space unprotected and as a result no longer comply with the latest safety legislation.

In comparison, modern garage roller doors are fitted with a safety edge that is located on the bottom of the curtain. As it rises and falls within the opening, so does the safety sensor giving total coverage of the opening.


Gliderol Elctric insulated roller shutter garage door fitted to detached property


In addition to this safety feature, you need to ensure that the door has been CE marked in order to be fully compliant and cover yourself should an accident or injury occur. Remember, it is ultimately the responsibility of the person that fits the door to ensure it is carried out in the correct manner, has all the right safety features and is going to be safe to operate.

For this reason, Roller Doors Ltd only supply garage doors that are from the leading manufacturers such as Gliderol and Seceuroglide so we can be sure of not only their quality but ultimately there levels of safety provided to the end user.