Shutters & Grilles


When Does an Electric Shutter Require a Safety Device?

Where a roller shutter is operated by remote control, to ensure safety of the user or any other person in the vicinity during its operation it is important that it is fitted with some form of safety device that will stop the downward movement of the curtain. This is because the motor inside the barrel can exert large a large amount of force and therefore needs a way of stopping should an object be detected.

The exclusion to this is where the door is operated on a hold to run basis however if there is any chance of somebody operating the shutter when no clear line of sight is available we always suggest you add a safety device as an extra precaution or specify a hold to run key switch that is fixed in clear view of the moving door.


Which Roller Door will Suit my Needs?

Whilst most vertical lift shutters, grilles and door all follow the same basic design principle specifying the correct one to suit a given application can be quite complicated. Factors such as aesthetics, amount of use, space available, colour finishes, method of operation and budget all have to be considered along with the given size constraints of a particular model.

Due to this, it can often seem daunting to the uninitiated and for that reason should you require any help and advice selecting the most appropriate solution please read this page or contact us on 0844 804 5577 to speak to us in person.


Why So Many Variations?

Suitable for many applications the main reason there are so many variations in design is down to the various levels of security that they can provide and the benefits they can offer. To ensure we are able to offer a solution to any commercial and residential requirement we work closely with leading UK manufacturers to tailor our products to suit your needs. For example if the requirement is to help retain heat inside a building then we would recommend our range of insulated security shutters. In comparison if security of a shop front is required we would suggest something like the SeceuroShield 7500 galvanised shutter as this has an insurance approved rating.