Is there an installation service available?

We do not offer a installation service at this time however are happy to work with you every step of the way to ensure you can complete the installation on a DIY basis. With all products being supplied in a kit form along with easy to understand fitting guidelines we find that most customers can fit the product in anything from ½ hour to half a day (depending on size and complexity of the job). For customers not comfortable fitting the product on their own we usually recommend you employ the services of a trusted builder or tradesmen.


How easy are the products to install?

Provided you work methodically and follow the manufacturer`s instructions then installation of a new roller shutter, grille or gate is pretty straightforward. Whilst small shutters and grilles can be fitted single handed, larger products will require an extra pair of hands so a make sure you factor this in when completing the install.


How are electric shutters powered?

Where automation is required the shutter can be either plugged straight into any standard 240v socket or can be run off a fused spur. Please ensure you always follow the guidelines provided by the manufacturer as incorrect wiring can cause damage to the product that will not be covered under any warranty that may be provided.


What surfaces can a roller door be mounted to?

Provided the face of the opening is flush, runs vertically and is capable of taking the weight placed on it then a roller door can be fixed to any surface. Please be aware however that different screws and bolts may be required for each surface type therefore we suggest you seek advice prior to commencing any work.


Are the fitting instructions available to view prior to ordering?

To give a clear indication of the installation we have uploaded copies of most fitting instructions to this website. To view these documents please click here.