SWS SeceuroBar Removable Window Bars

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Suitable for residential and commercial environments where occasional removal of the unit is required (for example if maintenance of a window is necessary) the Seceurobar by SWS will easily protect vulnerable access points from the threat of criminal access.

Manufactured in the UK using anti cut steel bars, these high quality removable window bars are capable of securing openings up to 3000mm in a single unit however larger spans can be covered using additional bars and lock.


Available Sizes

When bars are fitted vertically.

  • Minimum opening width: 250mm
  • Maximum opening width: 3000mm (greater if multiple units are used)
  • Minimum opening height: 200mm
  • Maximum opening height: 2100mm
  • Maximum opening height (without spreader bars):1500mm


When bars are fitted horizontally.

  • Minimum opening width: 200mm
  • Maximum opening width: 2000mm
  • Maximum opening height without spreader bars: 1500mm (greater if multiple units are used)   
  • Minimum opening height: 250mm
  • Maximum opening height: 2000mm
  • Minimum Width: 250mm x 200mm
  • Maximum (Width x Height): 3000mm x 2100mm
  • Maximum Area: 6.3sqm
  • Steel:  5kg/m²



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