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Seceurovision 75 Perforated Security Roller Shutters

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Manufactured by SWS the Seceurovision 75 Perforated Roller Shutter Door is designed to provide a medium level of security to many commercial, business and industrial applications including offices, workshops, shop fronts, windows and doorways. With a neat and compact design the Seceurovision 75 is a great value continental style security shutter that is manufactured in the UK to an industry leading standard making it a great choice for any property owner in need of added protection of their assets.

Constructed using a galvanised and perforated single skin steel curtain that is both strong and hardwearing coupled with powder coated aluminium guides and box, the Securovision 75 is a far more attractive alternative than many physical security solutions on the market and is therefore the preferred choice of many business owners who put a premium on the aesthetic appeal of their shop front.


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Seceurovision 75 Perforated Security Shutters Specification



Depending on the size of the opening that needs to be secured the Seceurovision 75 is constructed using interlocking rolled slat in a choice of gauges of steel. As a no cost option the security shutter can be specified with an “L” or “T” section bottom slat.

  • Weight – 22swg steel / 8kg per m2
  • Stock Colours – Galvanised, White, Black or Brown
  • Optional Colours – Any RAL paint finish



The Seceurovision 75 is supplied as standard with the aluminium UPH250 guide, which measures 90mm wide x 34mm deep and features a 4mm brush insert for quieter operation (something that cheap shutters often don’t have). Stock guide colours are white, black or brown or for an additional charge can be painted to any RAL colour.


Shutter Box

Depending on the height of the opening that needs to be secured the Seceurovision 75 perforated roller shutter door will feature 250mm, 300mm or 350mm galvanised steel endplates and come with a 2 piece aluminium full box to cover the roller mechanism (350mm endplates will be supplied with a 3 piece box). Stock colours for the shutter box and endplates is white, black or brown. There is also the option of painting to any RAL colour.


Available Sizes

Manufactured in made to measure sizes in mm increments the Seceurovision 75 security roller shutter is available up to the following widths and heights

  • Maximum Overall Width (electric): 6000mm
  • Maximum Overall Height (electric): 3400mm
  • Maximum Overall Width (manual): 4000mm
  • Maximum Overall Height (manual): 2800mm

Please be aware that not all width and height combinations are available. The maximum overall size of the electric shutter can be no more than 15m2. In some cases you will need to specify an anti drop brake and a manual override.


Method of Operation

Depending on the preferred method of operation the Seceurovision 75 perforated steel roller shutter can be supplied in a choice of spring assisted manual opening or safe and reliable electric operation using a powerful tubular motor.



Spring assisted (comes with a centre mounted lock as standard). Bullet locks are available as an optional upgrade.



Utilising a powerful tubular motor to effortlessly lift the door the Seceurovision 75 roller door can be controlled via a number of methods including:

  • Key Switch
  • Rocker Switch
  • Remote Control
  • Group Commander

Where required accessories such as a manual release (to operate the shutter in the event of a power failure) or a safety brake (a must have addition if the shutter is over a certain size) are also available.




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