Reasons to Choose an Insulated Roller Shutter Garage Door

Insulated roller shutter garage doors fitted to modern property


For properties that feature the garage attached to the main part of the house, one of the most effective ways of reducing heat loss and regulating the internal temperature of the space is to install insulated roller shutter garage doors. Available in a wide variety of specifications, the foam filled double skinned door curtain will provide a thermal barrier to the elements resulting in reduced energy consumption.

However in addition to the thermal benefits, this form of door also provides the user with many other benefits which we have detailed below.


Increased Levels of Security

Featuring interlocking lath, highly secure guides, a reinforced bottom rail and auto-locks, an insulated garage door will offer superior levels of security when compared to more traditional designs.


Increased User Convenience

With the majority of insulated doors being automated as standard, they provide convenience to the user as operation is generally by remote control. Another great benefit is that the curtain rises vertically ensuring access issues become a thing of the past which will benefit properties with short driveways.


Safe and Reliable Operation

In order to ensure safety of the user at all times, the bottom of the door is fitted with a safety edge sensor that will stop the movement as soon as contact is made with a person or object therefore preventing injury or damage occurring. Powered using a high strength tubular motor to ensure reliable operation, this style of door will require minimum maintenance making them ideal for the modern property.


Versatile Design

The simple design of an insulated garage roller door means it can be installed in a variety of ways depending upon the available space both inside and outside the garage.


Made to Measure Sizes

Unlike most traditional designs that are only available in a number of set standard sizes, the bespoke nature of an insulated roller door ensures the perfect fit to virtually any residential setting. This means that the end results look neat and professional as there is no need for a frame or infill fascias to be present.


A Wider Choice of Colours and Finishes

Compared to designs of old that only came in white, the range of colours and finishes available to choose from is pretty endless ensuring the perfect match to any existing setting.


Easy to Install

Supplied with easy to follow installation instructions the simple design of an insulated garage door means they are suitable for DIY installation. Delivered complete with everything to complete the job, no specialist tools are needed and provided you work methodically can be fitted within a few hours.