SeceuroGlide Roller Garage Doors - Technical Specification


Manufactured in the UK by SWS, the market leading SeceuroGlide roller shutter garage door features an extremely versatile design that is capable of being installed in a number of configurations to suit specific site and user requirements.

We therefore advise you familiarise yourself with the information detailed below to ensure you have a full and proper understanding of the overall door design.


Insulated Roller Garage Doors

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Internal or External Face Fixed Installations

To maximise the width and height of the opening this is by far the most popular way of fitting an insulated roller shutter garage door. However in order to achieve this it is essential that the following space is available

SeceuroGlide Technical Details


Minimum Side Room (measured from the edge of the opening to the nearest obstruction)

  • 75mm – This will apply to all doors that are designed to fit a structural opening up to 4450mm.
  • 90mm – This will be applicable to structural opening widths over 4450mm

Please note that if ordering the SeceuroGlide Excel then regardless of the opening size you will still need 90mm of space to house the guides.


Minimum Headroom (measured from the underside of the lintel to the neasrest obstruction above)

Seceuroglide & SeceuroGlide Excel

  • 300mm – This will apply to all structural opening heights up to 2500mm
  • 350mm – This will apply to opening heights between 2500mm and 3350mm


SeceuroGlide Compact

  • 205mm – This will be required for all structural opening heights up to 2150mm



Where the door is to be installed in any other configuration we advise you to contact us for help and advice.