General Questions


What types of products are available?

We offer a wide array of physical security products that are suitable for virtually all residentialcommercialretail and industrial environments. From a small shutter suitable for a serving hatch through to a large industrial roller door, we are sure to have the correct product to meet your individual requirements at an extremely competitive price.


How are the shutters operated?

Depending upon your requirement, we offer a range of manual roller doors that are operated by hand in either a push up / pull down configuration or for larger industrial applications can be operated via chain hoist. Alternatively, for added user convenience, or where the size of the opening dictates the use of a motor, we can also supply our entire range of products in an electrically operated version that can be opened and closed using a simple key switch or remote control.


What materials are the products manufactured from?

We offer a wide range of security products that are constructed from either steel or aluminium. The steel shutters are available in a plain galvanised finish or can be painted in any RAL colour to enable the perfect match to the existing building fa├žade. Aluminium roller shutters can be supplied in a choice of colours and as a further option can be specified in insulated or extruded variations.


Is there a survey and installation service available?

At this time we do not offer an installation service. With the vast majority of products being suitable for DIY installation we find that the vast majority of our customers manage to complete installation on a DIY basis.


What safety features are available?

To ensure the safety of the user remains paramount at all times, we offer a range of safety features on our automatic shutters that are designed to keep the user safe at all times. Items such as photo cells, safety edges and similar devices can all be fitted to automated doors. In addition to this, where the shutter will go over a doorway, we can also supply you with a safety brake that will stop the curtain dropping unexpectedly should any of the internal parts ever fail.


What sizes are available?

All the products available within this website are manufactured in bespoke sizes to ensure the perfect fit to your intended application. To find out the size limitations for each product please browse the relevant model or feel free to contact us for advice and assistance.


How long does delivery take once an order is placed?

Depending upon the product you order, lead time for delivery of your goods is between 5 days to 3 weeks. If required we can advise of the delivery times for individual products prior to ordering.