Galvanised Roller Doors - Technical Information


Suitable for shop fronts, offices and commercial locations our range of galvanised roller doors can be installed in numerous ways to ensure the best fit to its intended application. Available in traditional and continental designs, should you be looking to buy a security shutter of this design please read and fully understand the below technical details.



SG75 Galavnised Roller Shutter

Constructed from heavy duty 20SWG lath, this UK manufactured shutter is specifically designed for high security applications. Available in manual and electric operation in a range of sizes up to 6000mm wide and 4000mm high the versatile design is suitable for most environments where a physical security barrier would prove beneficial.


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Maximum Sizes

  • Overall Width - 3000mm
  • Width Between Guides - 2790mm
  • Overall Height - 2800mm
  • Guide Height - 2500mm


Installation Space Requirements


Side Room

  • The SG 75 galvanised shutter is supplied as standard with 105mm guides. It is therefore essential that this space be available each side of the opening if you are planning on fitting the door in a face fixed manner. For reveal fixed installation you will loose 210mm off the existing opening width.



Where the shutter box is to be fitted above the opening you will need to have the following space available:

  • Up to 1600mm overall height - 250mm shutter box
  • Up to 2800mm overall height - 300mm shutter box


Locking Mechanisms

Manual roller doors are available with a choice of centre mounted locking mechanism or bullet locks located on the guide channels. Please specify the type required when ordering.




Electric Roller Shutter Doors

Suitable for spanning larger openings the SG75 galvanised roller shutter will offer an effective means of protecting your business or commercial premises from criminals.  Operated using a powerful tubular motor that will provide years of reliable operation, this design will require the following space to be installed in the correct manner.


Maximum Sizes

  • Overall Width - 6000mm
  • Width Between Guides - 5790mm
  • Overall Height - 4000mm
  • Guide Height - 3640mm

Please note that not all width and height combinations will be available due to size constraints during the manufacturing process.


Installation Space Requirements


Side Room

Regardless of width all shutters are supplied as standard with 105mm galvanised steel guides. For "face fixed" installations this is the minimum space that should be available each side of the structural opening. Where the door is to be reveal fixed the existing useable opening width will be reduced by 210mm (width of 2 x 105mm guide sections).



Galvanised roller doors that are to be face fixed to the opening will be supplied as standard with the following shutter box sizes.

  • Up to 1600mm overall height - 250mm shutter box
  • Up to 3200mm overall height - 300mm shutter box
  • Up to 4000mm overall height - 360mm shutter box
Control Options
Electric roller doors are supplied as standard with a single pole rocker switch. Other methods of controlling the curtain are available including remote control and key switch operation.
Where the shutter is to be fitted over a doorway then it is essential that it is fitted with a safety brake to ensure it cannot drop unexpectedly in the event of one of the internal parts failing.